November 22, 2020


Detect database changes with spring boot and JPA

Working with JPA EventListener and components from spring boot

Spring Java

Detect database changes with spring boot and JPA

Today I had to implement a change logging system for an application. The most changes to log came with UPDATE commands to the database. The idea: detect UPDATE commands by JPA and notify instead of place method-calls all over the code.

Fortunately Spring Boot and JPA provides some Entity-Lifecycle-Listeners:

public class User {

public class AuditTrailListener {
  private static Log log = LogFactory.getLog(AuditTrailListener.class);
  private void beforeAnyUpdate(User user) {"add/update/delete complete for user: " + user.getId());
  private void afterAnyUpdate(User user) {"[USER AUDIT] add/update/delete complete for user: " + user.getId());
  private void afterLoad(User user) {"[USER AUDIT] user loaded from database: " + user.getId());


But for me it was not enough. My AuditTrailListener should be an Spring Boot class annotated with @Component. This together doesn't work. After some experiments I realized that JPA and Spring instantiate it's own objects of the Listener.

On I found another way to get my desired result:

public class MyEventListener implements PreInsertEventListener {
  private EntityManagerFactory entityManagerFactory;

  private void init() {
      SessionFactoryImpl sessionFactory = entityManagerFactory.unwrap(SessionFactoryImpl.class);
      EventListenerRegistry registry = sessionFactory.getServiceRegistry().getService(EventListenerRegistry.class);

  public boolean onPreInsert(PreInsertEvent preInsertEvent) {
      return false;


The EntityManagerFactory has an ServiceRegistry which can be extended with custom EventListeners. The example shows the PreInsertEvent, but there are all Pre and Post Insert/Update/Delete events ready for you.


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